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this wiki should be a course-efford and may be used by anyone in the course. It would be wonderful and efficient if everyone uploaded additional material here, such as colour-schemes, photos, etc.! Also, anyone is welcome to edit the entries made by others in the course. However, it would be better to introduce new ideas without deleting the work done by others. Have fun :)

Definition: REMAKEEdit

"A filmic remake is the reworking of one or more previous film (s) that incorporates key elements- such as story, events, character constellation, conflicts, themes- of the previous film(s) in a recognizable way but whose medium and discourse specific features, such as mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound and narrative structure, etc., may deviate to differing degrees from the previous film(s). The remake is informed by its cultural and historial context and enters into a dialogue with its forerunner(s)."

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